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A Typical Day at M’temambalame School

M’temambalame School  was started with 3 classes and no qualified teachers. In 1976 it was taken up by the government and supplied with qualified teachers. The rest of the school was built soon after that. The school has 8 classes and 8 teachers. A class can have up to 200 children! There are 860 learners (pupils) in the school. A typical day will start with sweeping at 7.00am and finish at 1.30pm.

The age range of the children at the M’temambalame is from 6 years to 18 years. The age range varies throughout each year group because the children take an exam at the end of each year, if they fail they have to repeat the whole year.

Children at this school have to walk up to 3km from their homes, many without any shoes. Although some children are lucky enough to be able to afford a school uniform. Most children don’t have school bags to carry their books so they wrap them up in a ‘chitenge’ which is a piece of material. Primary school is free but there is a fee if children wish to attend secondary school.

The school is very lucky to have some desks, although they still lack other resources like books and pens.

There is no electricity or running water at the school.

The school believe that good behaviour management is important for progressive learning. Just like The Mead they have ‘school rules’. These include a daily assembly to advise children on ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ as well as punishing bad behaviour. Punishments may include sweeping the grounds and picking up litter!

The childen have the following lessons: English, Chichewa, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social and Environmental Science, Bible Knowledge, Expressive Art, Life Skills and Agriculture.

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