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Welcome to our Feedback section. At The Mead we are very proud of our school, our staff and our children. The staff work extremely hard to ensure that the children are happy, nurtured and achieve a high level of education.

We believe that by working in partnership with governors, parents and the local community that we are able to provide a safe, healthy and inviting school environment.

To ensure we maintain a high standard of care and education we invite parents to complete questionnaires. We welcome feedback on ways in which we can improve, but equally we would like to hear your positive comments about our successes. We then collate the information and publish the feedback here on our website.

All questionnaires are treated in confidence.

Please see below the latest results from the Year One parent's survey.

Year One – Academic Year 2016 – 2017
28% of Parents returned their form





Don't Know


My child is happy at The Mead


My child feels safe at The Mead

96   4

My child makes good progress


My child is well looked after


My child is taught well       


My child receives appropriate homework


The Mead makes sure its pupils are well behaved


The Mead deals with bullying

54   46

The Mead is well led and managed


Staff respond well to any concerns I raise

92   8

I receive valuable information about my child's progress

96   4

I would recommend The Mead to another parent


In response to our survey we received the following number of replies:




Total (out of 94)




26      (28%)


We are tempted to believe that the other 72% of parents are sufficiently happy to feel a survey is unnecessary!!

Each survey had 12 boxes to tick. Amazingly, of the 312 ticks on the replies only one was in a ‘disagree’ category. All of the other 311 answers were ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ or ‘don’t know’.

Thank you! We are delighted that you are so pleased with the school’s performance and that you feel that your children do well here. We will put the full results on the website and share them with our Governors at their next meeting.

I Receive Valuable Information About My Child’s Progress

In September 2016 the Government removed ‘levels’ from the reporting of children’s progress. The old A,B,C levels were replaced with three categories: –

  • Working towards the expected level or ‘not met’
  • Working at the expected level or ‘met’
  • Working above the expected level or ‘greater depth’

These are the levels that we report to you at parent’s evenings and in your child’s end of year report.

The reason for doing this was to prevent any child from being held-back by being ‘labelled’ or having low expectations. We have been using the new system at The Mead for two years and we are delighted with the progress our children are showing – way beyond what we previous expected.

We understand that these general statements do not give you a clear comparison with other children in the class – but this is exactly why the system works so well. Everyone feels they are the best!

Teachers continue to monitor children’s minute steps to success and we always offer extra support when it is needed to ensure that no-one gets left behind.

If you would like more information on your child’s exact targets and learning needs please don’t hesitate to ask. But we won’t be able to give you a number!

The Mead Deals Well With Bullying

A few parents answered ‘don’t know’ because they have never experienced a problem with this. At The Mead we have a very clear behaviour policy which the children know well. They are trained to hold up their hand and say ‘Stop, I don’t like it’ whenever they are feeling pressured. They are also trained to tell a grown-up if they are unhappy and we try very hard to listen and take their worries seriously. Bullying is a persistent, targeted attack on one person over a lengthy period of time: I am pleased to say we have had no reports of bullying at The Mead since I became the Head.

Staff Respond Well To Any Concerns I Raise

Again, a few parents answered ‘don’t know’ because they have not needed to raise a concern. At The Mead we work hard to try to maintain an ‘open door’ policy where parents feel they can speak to staff whenever necessary. The office staff are always available to help and I try to be available in the playground at the start of each day. Teachers are firm that they cannot speak with you until all their children are dismissed, but they will be very happy to talk to you after that. Appointments to speak to teachers or to me can be made via the office at any time.

Thank you again for the warmth and approval that is evident in your replies. We can only do our job well if we do it in collaboration with you. We love the support that you give to the school and to your children – this is the key to their fantastic success!