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Nursery Curriculum

Nursery Curriculum

The children in Nursery are taught according to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS).  The curriculum has four themes; A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments Leading to Learning and Development.

There are seven Areas of Learning which have been split into Prime and Specific areas:

Prime Areas of Learning

   • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
   • Communication and Language
   • Physical Development

Specific Areas of Learning

   • Literacy
   • Mathematices
   • Understanding of the World
   • Expressive Art and Design
At The Mead we also encourage children to develop the following characteristics:

A Typical Day in the Nursery

1.Settling in whilst all of the children arrive – explore the activities already set up.
2.Carpet time – welcome singing, calendar, What’s in the Box?
3.Free flow playing and learning.  Adult led activity.  Books and learning journeys.
4.Share Bobby bear, circle time, singing, sharing stories.
Learning is developed through carefully planned, structured play based activities. Each day all our activities are designed to help the children achieve specific learning intentions.  By careful observation of the children we will determine and understand each child’s needs.  We can then ensure that the individual needs of the child to practice particular skills are met.  The main objective is that children enjoy learning through having a good time in their play activities.

Types of Learning/Play

   • Outside free flow – Children can choose to play and learn outside when they want; there is no fixed or limited time for ‘outdoor play’.
   • Adult led – This involves an activity that is structured and delivered by an adult to a child or a group of children.   It focuses on the direct teaching of skills and knowledge with a specific objective in mind.
   • Adult framed – The adult starts the activity by providing the chidren with a spectific agenda and resources, however, the children then direct the activity according to their interests.
   • Child initiated – also known as ‘free play’. Children are free to choose resources and toys and decide how to play and learn with them.

We undertake phonics and numbers teaching in which we observe – plan – deliver individualised activities.



This half term our topic will be ‘Where does our food come from?’  

We will be exploring different fruits and vegetables and learning about how they grow. We will be reading the books ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and discussing what we can eat to stay healthy. We will take on the roles of chefs and make our own fruit salads and vegetable pizzas! We will also carry out an experiment to see what vegetables we like and mark this on our investigation sheets.

During the lead up to Easter will have a very special delivery! We are expecting some extremely fragile eggs that we have been asked to take care of. We will be observing the eggs and we may be lucky enough to see the chicks hatch! Once hatched, we will be nurturing the chicks and learning all about them!

Ways to support your child at home

• Encourage their independence.
• Fine motor activities – including cooking, cutting and sticking.
• Sharing and talking about stories.
• Finding and using numbers in every day life.
• Purposeful mark making.
• Listening to sounds in words.
• Sing nursery rhymes.
To view the EYFS Parents Guide please click here