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Year Two Curriculum



Our topic this term is ‘Come and Explore with Me’.  This is an exciting topic that will be explored through several areas of the curriculum and will include: learning about the Arctic, Africa, people around the world, climate and artwork linked with these areas.  Through different subjects the children will learn all about the contrasting climates of the Arctic and Africa and will be encouraged to share anything they already know as well as pose their own questions about what they would like to find out about. Children are encouraged to bring in artefacts relating to the topic to share with the class.


Your child will read in school in a group or individually every week.  It is very beneficial if your child reads regularly at home.  Your comment or date in their yellow reading record books is very valuable to show they are reading at home. If your child reads four times since their previous reading day, they will receive a sticker for their hard work!


In Year 2 we build on your child’s knowledge of number and different operations (adding, taking away, division and multiplication) and the strategies in which to solve such questions.  Throughout the year we teach the children how to select the most appropriate strategy to answer problem solving questions. Children are given lots of opportunities to apply their knowledge in different contexts so that the new learning becomes embedded. Whilst doing this, children are always encouraged to discuss their work so that they develop their mathematical reasoning skills. We also learn about money, time, shape and measuring.

Please click here to view the ‘Mastering Mathematics Power Point – Oct 2016’.


Your child will be taught to write for a variety of purposes such as instructions and recipes, recounts, stories, poems, riddles and reports.  In year 2 we put a large focus on punctuation and using an exciting range of vocabulary.  Your child will also be encouraged to extend their sentences using joining words such as: and, because, but, so that.


During this term your child will be learning about different animals and habitats. They will learn about the Savannah, the sea and ocean, the rainforest and garden habitats. Children will learn about which animals live in these habitats and how they have adapted to live there. The children will also learn about food chains and develop an understanding of how each food chain starts with a producer.


Pupils are able to experience a range of programmes and resources designed to further their keyboard skills, word processing skills and understanding of ICT.  The activities are again linked to our topic and designed to develop their knowledge and understanding of technology available to them.


We are fortunate to have a specialist music teacher at The Mead.  All Year 2 children work with her to develop their understanding of beat, rhythm, notation and singing where they will develop the skills they have learnt from Year 1.  During the term they will have the opportunity to play a range of instruments and learn a variety of new songs. Children will have the opportunity, where possible, to learn about music from the areas of world which are being studied during our ‘Come and Explore with Me’ topic.

Art / DT:

The children will begin the term by learning about Inuit artwork originating from the Arctic and then move onto learning about Ndebele artwork from Africa. Children will focus on colours, pattern and style whilst doing this. When learning about Africa, children will use the coiling technique to create an African clay pot which they then paint in bright colours following the style of Ndebele artwork.


Your child will have PE every week with their class teacher and will often have an additional lesson on a Tuesday afternoon with Mr Paddington. Please ensure that their PE kit is in school and is clearly named.  We ask that Year 2 children also provide tracksuit bottoms so that they can go outside and remain warm as the weather becomes colder.  Regarding children who have pierced ears please note that we are not permitted to remove or tape earrings therefore we ask you to remove or tape up earrings before school.  It is a health and safety requirement that we ask you to do this. PE is taught in themed blocks such as gymnastics, dance, team games and sports activities.  The programme is designed to develop co ordination, balance, flexibility and an understanding of the importance of exercise.  Year 2 children also benefit from the expertise of a specialist PE teacher where they are taught rugby, football and golf skills over the year.