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A message from Mrs Creasey the Headteacher 

Dear Parents and Carers,

I write to you to update you on the progress against the improvement priorities identified following Ofsted. The school continues to make rapid progress and all safeguarding actions identified to be carried out by the school have been completed. Next steps are to ensure that all actions are now embedded.  Surrey have acknowledged the “school’s dedication and drive to ensure that the issues identified have been addressed rapidly and robustly.” The Bourne Education Trust undertook a safeguarding review of the school on Wednesday June 29th 2022 and found many strengths. They identified that the “school has worked tirelessly to ensure that all areas of the action plan are addressed and safeguarding is a high priority in the school.” 

                                                     Progress Update on Ofsted Action Plan.

1: Systems are developed to enable pupils to be monitored over time effectively and monitoring is recorded so that information can be analysed and shared effectively.(All identified actions for the school completed).

  • The use of CPOMS has been extended so that all staff can staff record concerns electronically. All staff understand and can articulate how children’s behaviour is monitored, who is monitoring, what is being monitored and how
  • Safeguarding records held are detailed and provide a comprehensive chronology. The BET safeguarding review identified that “CPOMS is well-used and provides an accurate record of safeguarding incidents.”
  • Daily and weekly safeguarding behaviour monitoring forms have been implemented, and all staff understand how to use these and children’s behaviour is monitored effectively over time
  • All behaviour monitoring forms are reviewed at DSL risk and review meetings
  • All DSLs have attended“ Recording and Concerns and Peer Audit” training
  • DSLs carry out termly auditing of records and identify any actions required

2: Leaders need to ensure that they develop their understanding, so that they can effectively identify the signs of potential abuse and harm, including the presenting of behaviours. (All identified actions for the school completed).

  • There is a robust safeguarding training pathway plan in place which identifies training throughout the year for specific Groups - all staff/DSLs/Governors. This ensures that all staff members have a good knowledge so that they are able to identify indicators of risk for all children  
  • The BET safeguarding review identified that “The school has a comprehensive training plan which ensures all staff members have received regular child protection training and updates as well as ongoing “hot topics” through weekly staff bulletins to provide training to support other vulnerable groups.”
  • All Staff have received professional curiosity and peer on peer training
  • Risk assessment and wellbeing forms are in place
  • All DLS continue to receive regular updates on legislative changes and safeguarding updates through the following platforms : SCC safeguarding monthly newsletters, Andrew Hall weekly bulletins , CASPAR weekly updates, NSPPCC safeguarding and The Key updates
  • DSL’s cascade their understanding from their training so that this knowledge and skills is disseminated to all staff

3: Ensure there are robust conversations with parents where needed and these conversations are fully recorded and sufficient weight is given to what children say and how children present (all identified actions for the school completed).

  • All staff have completed “Professional Curiosity” training and reflected on how this will improve their practice and have made changes. Consequently, staff are now “professionally nosey” and parents are questioned more, as more weight is given to the child’s voice
  • Safeguarding records show evidence of  probing and conversations with parents and include pupil voice ( identified by DSL auditing of records and BET safeguarding review)
  • Behaviour tracking forms also include the child’s voice
  • These comments are recorded on CPOMS and discussed and analysed at DSL risk and review meetings
  • NSPCC’s “Speak Out. Stay Safe” programme implemented in school. Information shared with parents
  • Processes and expectations of safeguarding are shared with parents at new parent meetings
  • The BET safeguarding review identified that “pupils are protected and feel safe. Pupils can identify a trusted adult with whom they can communicate any concerns. The adults listen to them and take their concerns seriously

4: Review sequencing of learning in foundation subjects to ensure that they are carefully sequenced and, that learning is broken down into steps that teachers need to teach to reach as clear end point

Quality of Education is judged good by Ofsted

  • Subject progression trackers are being reviewed by foundation subject leaders
  • Check points which identify clear end points for foundation subjects have been completed
  • Curriculum leads from Auriol and The Mead meeting next term to work together on next steps
  • Evidence Me is being implemented across the school as a platform to gather evidence for assessment of foundation subjects


 Ofsted Report