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At The Mead, we want all our children to develop a positive attitude towards maths and to see themselves as ‘mathematicians’. We believe that it is important for the children to develop their mathematical knowledge through practical experiences. We are proud of the wide range of mathematical resources that we have and these are used throughout the school. During this process children are praised for being resourceful like ‘Eeyore’ (linked to The Mead’s learning behaviours)!


Above are a few examples of the resources the children use in school (Left to right-Numicon, number line, tens frames and counters, multilink, dienes and bead strings)


To ensure children feel positively about Maths, we never mark work as wrong but instead we indicate with a dot that a child needs to ‘re-think’ their answer. Throughout the process children are praised for being ‘Tiggers’ (linked to The Mead’s learning behaviours) for trying their best and not giving up!

The main aim that we wish to achieve is for children to develop an enjoyment of and love for maths and to see that it really is all around them!

Here are some ideas for activities you can do with your child to help them see maths in everyday life:

  • * Try to make maths as fun as possible! You can start by playing games, doing puzzles and jigsaws, singing nursery rhymes and songs or making patterns and building structures out of Lego.
  • * Point out and name different shapes and look at and compare the size of different objects.
  • * Take your child shopping; let them handle money and count up the quantities of anything that you buy.
  • * Look at numbers around you e.g. door numbers and registration plates.
  • * Talk about the time and daily routines.
  • * When cooking ask you child to help measure out ingredients.
  • * When sharing ask your child to help you share equally between the number of people eating.
  • * Look in our family section for maths games online that you can play with your child.



Please click here for a list of Mathematical terms for Reception and Key Stage 1.