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A Polar explorer visits Yr Two

On Wednesday 2nd February a Polar explorer called Becky Hopkins from 'Education through Expeditions' visited Year 2. 

Everyone was so excited to meet a real life explorer and she explained how she had visited both the Arctic and the Antarctic. She is a PHD student who studies mud, which the children found very interesting, especially when they learned that millions of years ago the Antarctic used to be a rainforest! Becky talked about the animals she had met on her travels and how they had adapted to life at the Poles. The children then did a 'blubber glove' experiment to simulate how blubber helps keep Polar animals warm.

After more information from Becky about glaciers, children then made their very own glacier with playdough and a cornflour/water mixture. They found this very fun but messy! In the afternoon, Becky showed the children the extensive kit that she takes on an expedition and then children were invited to plan their own expedition in groups. A fun and informative day was had by all!

Please click here for photo gallery.