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School Development Plan

 Summary of School Development Priorities 2019-2021

     1. Quality of Education 

  • Ensure there is a clear progression of knowledge and skills for all learners across all subjects
  • Embed reading across all subjects
  • To improve the subject knowledge of all staff
  • Continue to narrow the gap between EAL/SEND/Deaf and PP children with those that have the same staring point
  • Increase the % of EAL children achieving greater depth by the end of KS1

     2. Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To develop children’s independence and resilience in learning, social and emotional contexts
  • Develop lunchtimes so that opportunities are provided which develop both children’s physical, social and emotional skills



     3. Personal Development 

  • Embed the school’s well-being policy to enable all pupils at The Mead to flourish in every aspect of learning
  • For the children to know when and where to get help if they are unhappy or concerned
  • To develop and deepen children’s understanding of the British Values

     4. Leadership and Management

  • Continue to develop the role of the subject leaders
  • Ensure that staff have wellbeing needs met within a supportive and caring environment so that they are highly motivated to maintain and extend the high standards of learning at The Mead
  • Develop the role of the new HLTAs
  • Continue to develop a strong safeguarding culture taking into account the new changes in the KCSIE Sept 2019

     5. EYFS

  • Embed good quality continuous provision across the learning environments so that it provides a rich and creative learning experience which ensures that children are deeply engaged and sustain high levels of concentration
  • Develop opportunities for 30 hour children to access high quality provision across the Nursery environment Develop high quality adult interactions so that all children are challenged

    6. Buildings and Learning Environment 

  • Provide a new outdoor classroom in the Cudas Close playground
  • Work closely with Surrey to ensure the success of the building project