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School Development Plan

 Summary of School Development Priorities 2021 - 2023

     1. Quality of Education 

  • Raise the profile of reading for pleasure and embed reading across all subjects including the teaching of reading skills through whole class shared reading
  • Continue to maximise the outcomes and learning experiences for children across the wider curriculum
  • Improve the quality of phonics teaching further by implementing new scheme
  • Continue to narrow the gap between significant groups and children with those that have the same starting point
  • Continue to develop first quality teaching by ensuring effective differentiation 

     2. Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Continue to develop lunchtimes so that opportunities are provided which develop both children's physical, social and emotional skills
  • Embed effective learning behaviours further by developing learning behaviours language used by children and staff



     3. Personal Development 

  • Continue to embed the school's well-being policy to enable all pupils at The Mead to flourish in every aspect of learning
  • Develop children's understanding of consent and boundaries to enable all children to keep themselves safe 

     4. Leadership and Management

  • Continue to develop the role of the subject leaders
  • Ensure that staff have wellbeing needs met within a supportive and caring environment so that they are highly motivated to maintain and extend the high standards of learning at The Mead
  • Implement new ECT requirements so that all ECTs are successful
  • Continue to develop a strong safeguarding culture taking into account the new changes in the KCSIE Sept 2021

     5. EYFS

  • Implement Reception baseline screening
  • Implement new EYFS curriculum and assessment

    6. Buildings and Learning Environment 

  • Develop a garden area and outdoor reading opportunities
  • Improve the facilities in the playground next to Auriol - Climbing wall / trim trail / refurbishment of rainbow house