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School Development Plan

 Summary of School Development Priorities 2023 - 2025

Leadership and Mangement 

Maintain the school’s robust safeguarding policies and procedures so that there continues to be a  strong safeguarding culture and safeguarding remains highly effective
To ensure a schoolwide focus on sustainability as part of wider trust work towards carbon zero, increased biodiversity ,reduced waste and climate education
To promote and market the school so it is the first-choice school for parents in the local area
Equality, diversity and inclusion will be front and centre to all out thinking, actions and planning
To ensure the continued effectiveness of the LGC through recruitment, retention and succession planning
Well-being -To continue to  ensure that staff have their wellbeing needs met through the use of AI technology to reduce workload
Ensure effective induction of all new staff and that all staff understand and display the BET behaviours

Quality of Education 

Continue to maximise the outcomes and learning experiences for all children across foundation subjects by ensuring that foundation subjects are logically sequenced with clear end points.
Increase the % of children achieving the expected standard in phonics to at least 90%
Continue to develop children’s independent learning by embedding continuous provision in year 1 practice and developing an enquiry-led approach in year 2

Attendance and Behaviour 

Provide support and foster strong relationships with parents to improve attendance across the school to maintain good standards of attendance and punctuality in line with DFE expectations
There is a robust and effective behaviour policy in place which meets the needs of all children and is commonly understood  and applied consistently and fairly by all staff

Personal Development 

Extend the curriculum by increasing the opportunities for all pupils to develop and stretch their talents and interests during their time at the Mead

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Continue to develop the curriculum to ensure that enhancements challenge all children and there is a clear progression between Nursery and Reception